Card Office

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The Vassar Card Office manages all aspects of the V-Card, including declining balance, meal plans, and off-campus uses. We're available to students and other members of the campus community.

Getting in touch:

845-451-3333 (x3333 from a campus phone), or email us at


CIS Helpdesk in the Computer Center


VCard is your Vassar ID Card and grants students access to the following resources:


VCash is a prepaid debit account on your V-Card which has applications both on and off campus. V-Cash is separate and distinct from meal plan or declining balance accounts.


Hungry? Swipe Your Card.

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We now have some vending machines on campus that are equipped with card swipes so you can use your VCard. More vending machines will accept VCash as the semester progresses, including one in every dorm. Look for the "VCash" sticker.

» Add funds to your VCash

Some of the costs for this initiative were funded by the Sophomore Gift from the Class of 2010. We also want to thank our colleagues in Purchasing, and our vending machine providers, for helping with this initiative.

Dining Bucks, Additional Bucks, VCash and VPrint

  • "Dining Bucks" are the tax exempt dollars associated with your meal plan.  You can only use Dining Bucks at the dining halls on campus and can only check the balance of Dining Bucks at the registers in the Dining Halls and not on the VCash website.  
  • "Additional Dining Bucks" are also tax exempt dollars for use at the campus dining halls, but unlike Dining Bucks, you can add funds to this account and check your balance at the web site.  You can also check your Additional Dining Buck balance at the registers.
  • "VCash" funds are taxable dollars that can be used all over campus, including the dining halls, the Kiosk, the Computer Store, the Bookstore, vending machines and at many off-campus merchants.  You can add money to your VCash account and check the balance by logging on to your account here  You can also check your VCash balances at the Dining Hall registers.
  • "BookStore Charge" can be used to purchase items in the book store and computer store. You can check the balance at Student Accounts.
  • "VPrint" is a quota that is given to each student and can be used for printing and copying 8.5 x 11 black/white or color only.  You cannot use your quota for any other specialized printing. Your quota is for your personal use and is not transferable. It may not be sold, used for commercial purposes or used to print other people's work.