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Our main office is located in the Computer Center.

Mailing address:

Computing & Information Services
124 Raymond Ave., Box 13
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0013


Also view the organizational and alphabetical listing with photos.

Baynard Bailey
Academic Computing Consultant
David Blahut
Assistant Director of Networks and Telecommunications
Michael Cato
Chief Information Officer
Office of the CIOx7605CC123michael.cato
Brian Chickery
Hardware Technician
User Servicesx7893CN 114brchickery
John Collier
Director of User Services
User Servicesx5924CC121jocollier
Pete Conklin
Media Specialist
User Servicesx7479Main S-182peconklin
Vikki Cutrone
Network Administrator
Brandon Deichler
Media Specialist
User Servicesx7477Main S-182brdeichler
Greg Deichler
Senior User Services Consultant
User Servicesx7961CC 103Ngrdeichler
Lee Dinnebeil
User Services Consultant
User Servicesx7896CC 103Nledinnebeil
Tami Emerson
Assistant Director of User Services
User Servicesx7622CC114taemerson
Chad Fust
Technology Training Coordinator
User Servicesx7545CC122chfust
Chris Gahn
IT Specialist
User Servicesx5434LIBRARY HELP DESKchgahn
Tim Guarino
IT Specialist
Alicia Harklerode
Senior Programmer/Analyst
AISx7227CC 226alharklerode
Emily Harris
Interim Information Security Officer
Office of the CIOx7221CC227emharris
Elizabeth Hayes
Interim Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO)
AISx5938CC 225elhayes
Frank Jelenko
Project Manager
Office of the CIOx7288CC 103Sfrjelenko
Shelly Johnson
Academic Computing Consultant
ACSx7866SciVis Labmijohnson
Amy Laughlin
Academic Computing Consultant
Robin Laurita
Office Specialist - ID Card Office
User Servicesx7595CC 103Srolaurita
Len Maceli
Telephone Technician
Gary Manning
Associate Director of Administrative Information Services
Gordon McClelland
User Services Consultant
User Servicesx7864ML-150gomcclelland
Greg McCurty
Media Specialist
User Servicesx7475Main S-182grmccurty
Laura McGowan
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Donald McNeil
Colin Mealia
Media Specialist
User Servicesx7197Main S-182comealia
Keisha Smith
User Services Consultant
User Servicesx5768CDF 213kemiles
Martin Mortensen
Systems Administrator
Nancy Myers
Associate Director of US
User Servicesx5927CC115namyers
Mark O'Neal
Senior Systems Administrator
Sandra Penfield
Office Specialist
Office of the CIOx7248CC120sapenfield
Mark Romanovsky
Senior Programmer/Analyst
AISx7719CC 220romanovsky
Jean Ross
User Services Consultant
User Servicesx7716CC 103Njyross
Georgette Silvers
Administrative Assistant - ID Card Office
User Servicesx5836CC 119gesilvers
David Susman
Associate Director and Web Manager
Jean Tagliamonte
Interim Project Manager
Office of the CIOx7743CC 103Sjetagliamonte
Steve Taylor
Director of ACS
ACSx7476CC 119sttaylor
Rick Versace
Database Administrator