Academic Computing Services

About ACS

Academic Computing Services provides leadership and expertise in instructional technologies for Vassar College. ACS works with Vassar faculty, students and other college constituencies towards the purposeful integration of digital technologies and new media into the college curriculum.  View list of ACS liaisons.


moodleMoodle is Vassar's Learning Management System. It provides a way for each Vassar course to have its own website, which can include your syllabi, lecture notes, readings, images, etc. Click here for help with Moodle.


wordpressWordPress is Vassar's digital publishing system. It allows the academic community to easily create dynamic websites, featuring multimedia elements such as images, audio and video. WordPress can be used to create blogs - online journals you can use to build an audience around a specific topic. Click here for help with Wordpress.


LyndaProvided by Vassar College at no charge to Vassar students, faculty, and staff, the learning library offers access to more than 1,044 self-paced training courses. Get comprehensive training in audio, video, photography, graphic design, web design, business, and development from expert instructors, 24/7. Click here for more Information.


wikiConfluence is Vassar's wiki system. A wiki is a web-based tool that allows the easy creation and editing of documents by multiple people. A wiki also provides a way to create a website that can be quickly and easily updated. When you and your team work on your wiki, Confluence saves each version, in case you need to refer back to it or restore it. A wiki can be set up to be viewed by anyone, or to be viewable only to a specific group or class.  Click here for more Information.


lunaLuna is Vassar's Digital Assets Management system. It provides a way for users to build, manage and share collections of images. Luna can be used to make digital collections available for searching and browsing. Contact your ACS Liaison for more information.


wowzaWowza is Vassar's media streaming system. It makes it easy to present lengthy video or audio materials online via Moodle or Wordpress. If you have video or audio materials that can be shown without copyright infringement, ACS can help you make them available via Wowza.  Contact your ACS Liaison for more information.

Adobe Connect Pro

connectAdobe Connect Pro is Vassar's web conferencing system. It provides a way for a remote user, whether a student or an outside scholar, to participate in your class or meeting via the web. It works with remote users without the need to install any additional software.