Instructional Technology Resources


moodleMoodle is the CIS-supported Learning Management System (LMS) at Vassar College. Each semester, a new (empty) Moodle site is created for each course being offered. Each of those sites is accessible by the students registered for the corresponding course. Moodle provides a place for instructors to post readings and other documents; a way for students to upload assignments to instructors; an online gradebook; and tools for creating discussion forums, quizzes, surveys, image galleries, etc. Click here for help with Moodle.



Provided by Vassar College at no charge to Vassar students, faculty, and staff, the learning library offers access to more than 1,044 self-paced training courses. Get comprehensive training in audio, video, photography, graphic design, web design, business, and development from expert instructors, 24/7. Click here for more Information.


wordpressVassar's WordPress System is a platform for creating websites for courses, committees, research projects, faculty home pages, VSA organizations, teams, special events, etc. Sites can be restricted to specific groups, or to the Vassar community, or open to the world. For consultation on how to create and maintain a Wordpress site for academic use, please contact your ACS liaison. Click here for help with Wordpress.

Google Apps for Education

googleGoogle Apps for Education (GAE) is a suite of services available to everyone in the Vassar community, that integrates email, calendar, document sharing, and website creation. Vassar users have access to additional Google tools, such as Hangouts for videoconferencing, Groups for email lists, YouTube, and more. For consultation on how to incorporate these tools into your curriculum, please contact your ACS liaison.

Video Streaming

ACS has the capability to mount a video file on a streaming server, so that students can view that video in the browser at any time, without downloading a copy. There are many factors to consider in order to determine whether or not it would be a copyright infringement to do so. Your ACS liaison can help you assess the legality of the use you have in mind and if called for, mount that material on the streaming server.  Contact your ACS Liaison for more information.

Video Conferencing

There are various technologies available that would enable you to have a remote scholar videoconferencing with your class, or enable you to videoconferencing with one or all of the members of your class, outside of the classroom. Skype, Google Hangouts, and Adobe Connect are all available and each has its pros and cons. Your ACS liaison can help you choose the right technology and deploy it.