Here's a look at some of the projects in which ACS has partnered with faculty members to develop teaching innovations. For descriptions of other faculty projects, see the Faculty Focus.

Featured Project: Transition from Blackboard to Moodle

Using Tablet PCs in Field-based Classes

At Vassar College students are using mobile mapping technology in field-based classes. With a tablet PC, geographic information system (GIS) software and a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, faculty members take their students outside to perform spatial data analyses, edit maps, and investigate problems. More...

Interactive Performance Collaboration

A collaboration between the Music, Computer Science, Dance and Academic Computing Services departments, this ongoing project explores ways of integrating media and action using pervasive and ubiquitous forms of computing. In initial efforts, the project focused on using accelerometers in a dance performance to directly control video and audio signal. This was accomplished using Nintendo Wii controllers and Max/MSP/Jitter software. Funding for this project was provided by the Frances Fergusson Technology Fund.