Adobe Software on Campus

History of Adobe Licensing at Vassar

Adobe has now launched Creative Cloud.  Adobe® Creative Cloud™ is the digital hub that lets you download and install every Adobe Creative Suite application and access online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing for a subscription fee.

Historically, Adobe Licensing on campus has been problematic.  Site licenses were prohibitively expensive, especially given the wide variety of products used throughout the Vassar Community.  Policy on Adobe software purchasing was almost non-existent.  CIS would facilitate purchase of Student/Teacher editions through the Computer Store but, the process was lengthy and onerous, requiring individuals to fax copies of photo ID to Adobe.  Often times, departments would just purchase on their own, sometimes foregoing the discount entirely.  Individuals would need to keep their installer files and serial numbers for reinstallation in the event of a computer failure.  If they lost it, they were out of luck.  This was not a sustainable model!

How We Are Using Creative Cloud at Vassar

If faculty, employees or students decide they need any Adobe software, they can purchase a subscription to Cloud directly from Adobe.  The Student / Teacher purchase prices is $19.99/month for 1 year and grants the user access to almost all of Adobe's products.  A full list of included applications can be found here.

Deciding What Type of Membership To Choose:

I only need Photoshop and Lightroom $9.99 / month for a minimum of 1 year
I use a variety of Adobe Products all the time. $19.99 / month for a minimum of 1 year (Student/Teacher Rate)
I have a short term project for which I need Adobe software. $74.99 month-to-month purchase  (No Education Rate Available) if you will be needing the software for less than 4 months. Otherwise the full year (above) is more cost-effective.
I am not sure what my needs will be. $19.99 / month for a minimum of 1 year (Student/Teacher Rate)
I only need Acrobat Pro and don't anticipate needing anything else. Contact CIS for stand-alone pricing through our vendor.

CIS does not fund the purchase of Adobe software.  Each department can select and pay for subscriptions at their own discretion.

Please Note:  You will need to uninstall any Adobe Software you have already installed before downloading newer versions from the Creative Cloud.  Remember to use Adobe's uninstall utility to fully remove the product from your computer.  If you can't successfully uninstall the software, download Adobe's free cleaner tool.