Vassar College Access to the Gartner Research System

Computing and Information Services has partnered with Gartner, the global leader in IT research, to obtain access to the wealth of unbiased information that they provide about technology and technology companies. As part of our license agreement with Gartner, all members of the Vassar community now have access to virtually all of their reports. Gartner produces a variety of reports that can help you:

  • Identify trends in the technology industry
  • Learn about emerging technologies and the companies that provide them
  • Compare and contrast the relative strengths and weaknesses of companies that offer similar products or services
  • Explore best practices

Click here to access the Gartner Research System.

How Can I Use Gartner Research?

These reports can be read, or downloaded, by you to use for non-commercial use. Please note that the Gartner Website and the materials you access on that website are the property of Gartner and are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and conventions. Gartner grants to you, as a member of the Vassar Community, the right to access and use the Website and materials, so long as such use is for internal information purposes, and you do not alter, copy, disseminate, redistribute or republish any content or feature of the Website or materials on the website. You acknowledge that access to and use of the Gartner Website and materials is subject to these TERMS OF USE and any expanded access or use must be approved in writing by Gartner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members of the Vassar Community should always login at at not directly from Gartner's Website.  Need help?   If you do not know your login name or password, or you require a password reset, please contact or call extension 7224 or you may reset your password yourself by visiting Control Panel.