Vassar College uses ImageNow and WebNow to digitize documents. Most offices opt to link their documents to Banner. Almost any database can be linked to ImageNow. ImageNow is the "full client" (installed on each computer) that allows full functionality of all ImageNow processes such as scraping the Banner screen for the ID etc. to populate ImageNow index keys, or editing a capture profile or managing user accounts.

The embedded ImageNow Printer permits us to "print" any document, like an email or web page, directly into ImageNow. WebNow is the browser-based "thin client" (no installation required) that can be accessed via a web address and used via an Internet browser.

It works with FireFox, IE and Safari on both Mac and PC [as of Dec 2011]. Common functions, like querying for documents and routing them or exporting documents to a file or email is present. However "capturing" is really an import of existing files on your machine or network drive and "linking" is a matter of you manually entering the Banner ID and other keys.

You can download the full ImageNow6 User Guide here.

Matching The Column Headings To Your Applet

In some cases, if you open the ImageNow client without setting options, the column headings in ImageNow Explorer do not match your applet.

The following steps will walk you through setting the column headings:

  1. Check that you have one of the Dev applets set as your default by right-clicking on the desired one in the applet drop down menu.
  2. Open the ImageNow Explorer by clicking on the Documents icon.
  3. Click on File in the upper left of the explorer window and choose Options.
  4. Select the Column Headings tab and either set the client to take the default from the applet (good for those who need to switch between various applets) or set it to a specific applet (for those who use just one applet).

Searching for a Document

Searching under the ‘All Documents’ view is not intuitive as it had been under the old client.  Why?  The column headings all default to the generic labels of:  Drawer, Folder, Tab, Field3, Field4, Field5

So, if you haven’t noticed how your index keys match up to folder, tab, field3 etc. then searching begins with a simple list of all documents in a drawer to get a glimpse of what will match up with your index keys.

For instance,  I know from experience that folder matches up with PO Number within the Purchasing documents…but if I had not known that then this search query would make no sense:  find documents where folder starts with P01234567


  1. Select the ‘View’ which will best match up to your column headings
  2. Choose the search terms
  3. Enter your query as you had in the past


Find a string in the search grid

  1. After performing a search for documents or projects, in the Edit menu, click Find.
  2. In the Find dialog box, in the Search In box, select the column to search.
  3. In the ‘Search for box, type or paste the text you want to find and then click Find Next.
  4. Continue clicking Find Next until you locate the item you seek, or click Cancel to exit search. 

Find within a grid

You can find items in the grid that match specified text. Items that match the specified text appear highlighted in the grid.

  1. In the Client: using the Views pane, select the view or filter you use to search.
  2. In WebNow: using the WebNow Explorer toolbar, click the Open Find button.
  3. In the Find bar, enter the text to search upon within the items currently in the grid. Matching items are highlighted.
  4. Optional: To select the next item that matches your search criteria, click the Next button or to select the previous item that matches your search criteria, click the Previous button.
  5. When finished, close the Find bar.

Note:  In order to use the shortcut keys for Next and Previous buttons, the Find bar must be active.