New Employees

What Do I Need to Know?

As a new employee, it can be very daunting to try to navigate the technology waters of Vassar College.  This guide will help you identify the many software and web services used on campus and help you to get started.  Your department may not use all of these.   If there is something your department uses that is not listed here, contact your supervisor.  If they think it is something that should be featured here, they can contact us at or x7224 (from a campus phone).

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Brass Tacks

Here are a few things that will help you hit the ground running.


  • Connecting To Wireless: Wireless encryption provides a high level of assurance that only authorized users can access the network.   This will allow us to ensure the security of our data as we use the wireless network on campus.  Instructions for connecting can be found here.

Changing Passwords:

  • You may reset your password yourself by visiting Control Panel and filling in the appropriate information.  This service will reset passwords for the following accounts: Email, Blackboard, Domain (PC), Citrix, VSpace.  If you do not know your previous login name or password, or you require a password reset for a service not mentioned here, please contact the Service Desk at or extension 7224. Click here to go to Control Panel.
  • Getting a Card: Yes. ID Cards are a service of Computing and Information services as well! There's little you can do around here without an ID Card.  Once you have been assigned a 999 number, please visit the Card Office, located in the Computer Center on Swift Passage, to have your picture taken and get an ID Card.   Your card will be used for door access, purchases, printing and much more.   More information on the Card Office can be found here: 
  • Departmental Printers: Every department is equipped with a large multi-function printer copier.   These Canon devices are on the network and all you will need to get started is the network address of the printer and the printer drivers.  The drivers and instructions on how to install them can be found here.
  • VPrint / Public Printing: All employees of the college also have the ability to print to any public VPrint printer on campus.  As a college employee you have unlimited print quota but the prints are charged to your departments budget automatically.  More information on printing with VPrint can be found here.
  • Cell Phone Policy: Vassar College does not own cellular telephones or PDAs, or contracts with cellular providers for monthly service for cellular phones or PDAs. 
  • Extensions: If you need a phone or if the phone extension you have been assigned does not have a mailbox, call the help desk at or 437-7224 (x7224 from a campus phone) and request the telephone technician put a mailbox on your extension. (Please allow 2 days).
  • Voicemail: Information about setting up your phone and accessing voicemail can be found here.

Web Services

Full List

We have a wide variety of web services available.  From Adobe Connect for virtual meetings to Zimbra for webmail and calendar, a full list of web services and descriptions can be found here


AskBanner Students, Faculty and Employees to view class schedules, class rosters and directories or link to Banner.
Banner Online Banner Online gives members of the Vassar Community access to their personal records such as payroll information, address, benefits, etc.
Cascade Vassar's content management system (CMS) which is used to maintain all the content on all the Vassar College websites.
Control Panel Change the passwords you use for your Vassar email, file sharing, domain and/or Moodle accounts.
Moodle Online course management system.
VApps VApps (Short for Vassar (Virtual) Applications) allows you to access the software applications of Citrix, via the web.
VSpace VSpace provides essential document and file management features needed to safely access, manage and share content over the web.
Samanage IT Service Management. View solutions, manage incidents and request services.
Google Calendar Access Calendar simply by logging in to webmail and clicking the calendar tab.
Google Mail Your email account.

Person-To-Person Services

  • Help Desk Locations:  Computing and Information Services has two walk-up Help Desks.  One at the Computer Center which is on Swift Passage and the other on the first floor of College Center across from the Computer Store. 
  • Contacting The Help Desk: You can also contact the help desk at 845-437-7224 (or extension x7224 from a campus phone) or by emailing   All requests for technical assistance should go through the Help Desk.   The requests are entered into our ticketing system (Web Help Desk) and are tracked and assigned to the appropriate party.  You can also enter requests directly into Web Help Desk by going to
  • Training:  Computing and Information Services (CIS) offers a variety of training options to get you up to speed.  Group training, workshops, one-on-one training and self-paced training. Read more about training here.
  • Computer Hardware Purchases: Vassar College has an on campus Apple Store.  The Campus Computer Store is located in the College Center across front he Kiosk. More information about the computer store can be found here.
  • Computer Hardware Repairs:  We also have a repair shop located across from our computer store.  Many hardware repairs can be handled on campus.  
  • Digital Media Project Assistance:  The Digital Media Zone is located on the first floor of the Main Library in the After Hours Study space.  The Digital Media Zone (DMZ) serves as a public space for do-it-yourself media production. All Vassar students, faculty, and community members may come here to work on video, audio, web and graphic design projects.  Highly trained student employees are available for project assistance. Learn more about this space here.
  • Media Resources:  Media Resources offers a wide range of services related to meetings, lectures, events, and related media production. Through the Media Resources office, you can borrow audio/visual equipment such as cameras, projectors, microphones, and speaker systems. You can also request the services of a media specialist, who can record video or audio for your event, set up and manage web conferences, and handle many other media-related needs. The Media Resources office can be contacted at extension 7480,, or through the "Make A Request" feature on the right.
  • Academic Computing Services:  New faculty members can get assistance with technology needs for their curriculum through the Academic Computing Services group.  More information about this group can be found here.
  • Loaner Computer and iPads: If you need a computer or an iPad temporarily, you can put in a request at the service desk to take out a loaner. Loaners are typically for a period of one week and are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Contact the service desk at to schedule a loaner.


We support an extensive list of software on campus.  Much of that will already be installed on your Vassar-owned computer.  The full-list of software available on campus can be found here.