VSpace: Vassar File Sharing

VSpace Features

VSpace (vspace.vassar.edu) rises to today's campus collaboration challenge with everything a campus community needs to manage and share content on the web. Sharing your files makes it possible for multiple users to both view and edit your file without requiring you to maintain multiple copies of the shared file.

VSpace provides essential document and file management features needed to safely access, manage and share content over the web. In addition to helping faculty and students share content on campus, VSpace has become the method of choice for safe collaboration and is helping to support a wide variety of research projects between academic, commercial and government organizations.

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The VSpace Drop Box is a fast and easy way to collect time-sensitive material and preserve and verify its original state. Use the VSpace Drop Box to automate the document submittal process including class assignments, open job requests, team projects, and other types of time-sensitive content. With VSpace Drop Box there's no question about when a submission was received or who delivered it. Drop Box works together with other VSpace features too - allowing you to receive instant notification of document deliveries. You can also create and customize as many Drop Boxes as needed without any programming requirements.


Restoring Deleted Files

Now VSpace makes restoring lost files easier than ever. When a file is deleted, it is sent to the Recycle Bin. To restore the document, simply navigate to the VSpace trash folder, right-click on the item and select the restore option. Not only is the file restored, but all of document properties, versions, log information, subscriptions and workflow. It is if the document was never deleted in the first place.


Other Features

  • Wiki templates: Integrated Wikis help users easily capture, organize and share information. Wiki templates enable users to standardize content. Wiki templates can include saved searches and RSS links helping automate content collection and secure content publication.
  • Easier Folder Creation: VSpace simplifies the process of creating secure shared workspaces. The Folder creation wizard is a step-by-step process to ensure users can create flexible and secure shared folders or workspaces.
  • Classifications: Easily classify documents and folders with the new classification wizard. Choose from one of five pre-installed classes or create your own.
  • Enhanced Permissions: Enhanced move permissions and owners assignment alleviates re-assigning permissions when folders or documents are moved.
  • Enhanced Contacts: Enhanced contacts screen makes it easier to locate users for shared activities.
  • Recycle Bin Control: Recycle Bin auto expiration lets you decide when to automatically delete content that reside