New England Building

Classrooms With Permanent Media Equipment

New England Building Classrooms

 New England
Room Photo* Capacity Type* TV/
LCD* Proj VCR DVD/ CD Laser Disc Mac PC Laptop* Slide Proj Screen Other*
101   10 lounge     check              
104  106 aud        check   check   *
107  39 sem            check   
201  46 lec               
204D   16 lounge                      
303  10 sem                 

For technical assistance please contact Media Resources at x7479

  • Types: sem (seminar layout) lec (lecture layout) aud (auditorium) comp (computer classroom)
  • LCD: video/data projector (liquid crystal display)
  • Laptop: projector and network connections for a laptop
  • view panoramic photo Photo: Click to see a panoramic view of a room. (Requires QuickTime VR plug-in.)
  • P: Overhead projectors are available upon request from Media Resources