AV Equipment Available for Classrooms and Events

Use of the following equipment is always free for in-class use in registrar-scheduled courses.

For all other purposes, there is no charge for a 5 business day loan. Borrowers must provide a Vassar budget number or a Vassar ID number.

Request an Operator and/or equipment to be delivered to a classroom

Equipment / Operator Reservation

Because of the limited amount of equipment and high demand, classroom requests are given the highest priority. Seven days notice is required for equipment delivery and/or operators. Late requests will be considered only if equipment is available. A late charge may be imposed.

It is extremely important to convey your needs to Media Services as soon as you begin planning your event. Contact the Media Services, ext. 7480 to go over your specific needs. Pre-planning is essential for professional results.

Student Sound Systems

Student Sound Systems are requested via this form.
The Student DJ System: 

The DJ system consists of a power amp with one pair of main speakers and one pair of subwoofers includimg the cabling necessary to connect these components. In order to use this system, the DJ must be prepared to supply their own microphone, mixer and audio input devices such as turntables, disc players, etc.

The Student Band System:

(6) microphones with cables
(6) boom stands
(2) direct boxes with cables
(1)powered mixer
(1)pair of JBL speakers with tripod stands

It is intended for use by campus bands. Please note that the system does not include a sound monitor. If you have questions regarding whether the equipment is suitable for a particular location, please contact the Media Resources Workshop at X7479 and speak to one of our trained technicians.

List of Available Equipment

  • Projectors: video/data, slide, overhead
  • Screens, projection
  • Sound equipment:
    • Small Single-Mic System: for audience of 75 or less. Includes 1 mic with stand and a powered speaker on a stand
    • Digital Audio Recorders
    • Microphone only, including stand and cable
  • Video equipment:
    • VCRs
    • DVD players
    • Video Cameras

Permanent Installations: Requests for equipment to be permanently installed in a classroom should be made by the department chairperson.

Podiums: Media Resources has podiums in the Villard Room and SC Auditorium; request PA System & technician via Media Request Form. For all other locations, podiums must be obtained through Buildings & Grounds and sound systems must be requested through Media Resources.

Semester Loan

Some equipment is available to individuals and departments for semester loan on a first-come, first served basis. Individuals and departments must assume responsibility for the equipment.

Video units (vcr/monitor on cart) may be secured in classrooms upon written faculty request, per semester -- based upon availability.


Semester Operators

A Media Services student operator may be available for the semester to serve a class with frequent media needs. This operator will work with the faculty member to fulfill all media needs for that class. Request in writing to Media Services Office, Box 724, in advance of each semester.

To Secure An Operator

Secure a room (usually through the Registrar), then completely fill out a Request Form. Include event start and end times; Media Services will build-in the set-up time.

Operators are required in some rooms; other rooms are self-operable.

Delivery and Operation of Equipment

Delivery, retrieval and operation are only provided for academic or administrative functions. They are not provided for personal or entertainment functions.

There is no charge for delivery, retrieval or operation of equipment for in-class use in registrar-scheduled courses.

Please Note:  There will be a  $50 Late Notice Fee for requests made less than 5 business days prior to the event.

Computer Data Projection (Multimedia)

Many classrooms are equipped with video projection systems that can project computer data. Arrangements may be made for data projection in other rooms. This type of projection must be arranged well in advance of the event, using the online request form. It is important to arrange with Media Services to try out your software with the equipment in advance of your presentation.

Evening & Weekend Video Screenings

Budget number required for any event outside of registrar-scheduled class times.

Advance notice: 7 calendar days. The more advance notice you give, the better Media Services may serve you. Please note: The Media Services Staff schedules are 8:30 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday and 8:30 am-5 pm on Friday. Assignment of operators and overtime for other hours is limited and advance notice is essential.

Media Services reserves the right to restrict some equipment use and operation and may recommend outside rental services. Rental sources may also be suggested when equipment is not available

Externally Provided Equipment and Operators

In cases where Media Services needs to hire an outside vendor to provide equipment or operators, that charge will be passed onto the user.