Encrypted Wireless Network


Will guests be able to use the wireless network?

Guests will still be able to access the Guest SSID in the same way.  The Guest wireless is not encrypted, bandwidth restricted and has limited access to Vassar resources (e.g. no access to Banner). For information on how to access the Guest wireless please contact the service desk at servicedesk@vassar.edu or by dialing x7224 from a campus phone.

Where can I access the Vassar wireless network?

Vassar now offers encrypted wireless Internet access is available from virtually everywhere on campus. This means that you can get on the Vassar network from the residence halls, academic buildings, administrative buildings and many outdoor locations.

Can we really access the wireless network from anywhere on campus?

We have installed wireless access points in all campus buildings with coverage extending to many outdoor locations. However, much like cell phone coverage, it is likely that some areas of the campus (either inside or outside) have either poor or no coverage. Should you encounter such an area and have a need to use wireless at that location, please let the Help Desk know (see below). While we can not guarantee that we will be able to reach every area with the wireless signal, we will certainly do our best to provide access where it is needed.

Is the wireless network replacing the wired network?

No. The wireless network is being provided in addition to the wired network. That means that each residence hall room offers both wireless access and traditional wired access to the Internet. So, if you are bringing a desktop computer to campus you will still be able to plug it into the existing wired network connections in your room. Some locations, such as residence hall rooms, the Library, and some classrooms will offer both wired and wireless access.

Do I need any special hardware to access the wireless network with my computer?

All you need to access the wireless network is a computer with wireless capabilities. Most recent laptops, regardless of the vendor, come with wireless capabilities (some refer to this feature as "Wi-Fi" or "802.11b" or "802.11g"). If you are unsure of whether or not your particular laptop has wireless capabilities, please feel free to contact our Help Desk either in person (on the 1st floor of the Computer Center), by email (helpdesk@vassar.edu), or by phone (845-437-7224). If you need to buy a wireless card for your laptop, our Computer Store can help. They can be reached by email (computerstore@vassar.edu), by phone (845-437-7252), or you can visit them on the first floor of the College Center.

Do I need my own wireless access point, such as one from Apple (Airport or Airport Express), Linksys, D-Link, etc.?

No. The wireless network is provided by Vassar and supported by the staff of Computing and Information Services (CIS).

Can I use my own wireless access point in my room?

No. Personal wireless access points can cause disruptions to the Vassar wireless network. The use of personal access points also compromises the security of our wireless network. For those reasons, personal access points will not be allowed to connect to the network. If our network monitoring system detects a personal access point, the access point will be disabled to prevent disruptions to the campus-wide wireless network. You would then need to remove the access point and contact CIS to reactivate your network port.

Can I connect other wireless devices to the network (such as wireless printers or game consoles)?

Game consoles must be connected via a wired Ethernet connection and registered manually via the register non-computer device page.

How will blocking for viruses work?

As with existing PCs and Laptops we strongly recommend use of anti-virus software.  This software is available on the here.