Connecting to the Vassar Network

Encrypted Wireless

Wireless encryption provides a high level of assurance that only authorized users can access the network.   This allows us to ensure the security of our data as we use the wireless network on campus. 

Benefits of Encrypted WiFi:

  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Authenticate only once per device
  • Faster speeds (802.11n being tested in some locations)
  • Same access on your mobile device as on your laptop


Un-Encrypted Wireless Network

The only wireless network available to members of the Vassar Community are the encrypted SSIDs Student-Secure and FacStaff-Secure. These will be used on laptops, desktops (if Ethernet is unavailable) and mobile WiFi devices.  The only unencrypted network is Guest. which is for users visiting the campus.  Guests must obtain a guest account from the Help Desk.

Campus Ethernet (Wired) Network

If you connect to the network via Ethernet (wired) you will have to register your computer on the network the first time you connect to any new Ethernet port. Plug your computer in and open any browser to be redirected to the NetReg page. Enter your Vassar user ID and password that you will receive in the mail.

What is NetReg (Network Device Registration)?
The Network Device Registration is a way of keeping track of any device that "plugs in" to the Vassar College Network. It will enable CIS to better serve the Vassar community by heading off viruses, trojans, and other potential threats to the security of the Vassar network and its community members, and to your personal information.

What is a Network Device?
A network device is any item (including computers and printers) that communicates with other devices over the network. In this case, we are referring to only items that connect to the network connection on the wall using a network cable rather than using a wireless network connection.

What information are you collecting and how will it be used?
Registration simply links your name with your computer and IP address. This system will alert us if your computer is compromised by a virus or is using an excess of bandwidth and allow us to contact you about the problem. The information will not be shared and the College does not monitor your activity.

Where do I go to register my computer?

Where do I go to register my non-computer network device?