Resources for Prospective Students and Their Families

First Class Technical Support

CIS offers two Help Desk locations that are fully staffed and able to assist the community with all types of questions related to computing, from software configuration and networking questions, to hardware troubleshooting advice. One location is in the Computer Center, and the other location is in the Thompson Library.

Our staff can help troubleshoot hardware and software problems on student-owned computers, as well as make recommendations on standards, to ensure that everyone can take full advantage of the computing environment at Vassar.

Students can email or call the Help Desk and we will make sure that they get whatever help we can provide.

The Digital Media Zone on the first floor of the library is available to students working on video, web, graphic design or sound projects. Expert help is available nearly all hours the library is open. 

Hands-On Help

If a student needs a little more than technical support, we have one-on-one training available on a wide variety of software packages.  They can set up appointments to work one-on-one with our campus technology trainer.

If you would like help working on a video, web, graphic design or sound project, please visit the Media Cloisters on the 2nd floor of the library. The Media Cloisters is a do-it-yourself media production facility, staffed by student experts who will happily assist you with your media project.

Public Computing

Students have 24-hour access to the computer clusters housed in each residence hall. There are also public computers available in the Computer Center, the College Center, Media Resources (New England), the Library, and in various academic buildings.

A high-end digital multimedia lab is located in Media Resources, with powerful workstations available for student and faculty use. Media Resources also provides large-format color printing, video editing, media duplication, and large-format scanning equipment.

The library is home to the Digital Media Zone, a state-of-the-art space for collaborative learning and the exploration of new technologies. Other specialized facilities include the Scientific Visualization Lab, in Mudd Chemistry Building; the Geographic Information Systems Lab, in Ely Hall; and the Video Editing Lab, in the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film.

Learn More About Computing at Vassar

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