How Do I...

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... Contact the Service Desk?

Computing and Information Services has a service desk located in the College Center.  Regular hours are:

8:30 AM - 5 PM

If you need help, you can send an email to or call x7224 and we will make sure that the appropriate person on our staff comes to your aid.

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... Get One-on-One Training?

One-on-One Training
If you need training with any of the software and hardware that's commonly available on campus or if you would like guidance using your new mobile device or increasing the efficiency of your workflow, you can contact Chad at extension 7545 or to schedule an appointment.

Group Training
If you need to set up training for your entire department or any group of people contact Chad at extension 7545 or to set up a time and location.  It can be done in your building or he can reserve a room someplace on campus, depending on your individual needs.

Self-Paced Training

Free to Vassar students, faculty, and staff, the learning library is filled with self-paced training videos in a wide variety of software and technology topics.  Learn more about Lynda at Vassar.

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... Get a New ID Card?

To obtain or replace your Vassar ID card, visit the Card Office, located next to the CIS Help Desk in the Computing Center.  You may also contact the Card Office at 845-451-3333 (x3333 from a campus phone), via email at, or visit their site at

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... Add Funds to My VCash?

You can add funds online with a credit or debit card, or in person at the card office, located in the College Center inside the Service Desk office.  At the card office, the only method for adding funds is via "Charge Home".

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... Forward My Email After I Graduate?

Vassar will allow you to retain and use your Vassar email until September 1st the year after your graduation. This will give you plenty of time to conduct job searches, switch to an alternate account, and to migrate any content you may wish to keep. Visit our Web Service Desk to find out more or submit a request. (click G+ to login with your Google Apps user name and password).

... Print to the VPrint Printers?

When printing on campus, choose the "Vassar" queue in the print dialogue box.  You'll be asked to enter your ID number and a print job name.  Visit any of the VPrint printers on campus, swipe your ID card, and retrieve your documents.  The VPrint system will automatically deduct the pages from your print quota.

Visit our Web Service Desk to find out more or submit a request. (click G+ to login with your Google Apps user name and password)

... Share Large Files?

Instead of emailing large attachments, members of the Vassar community can take full advantage of Google Drive with unlimited space!

Visit our Web Service Desk to find out more or submit a request. (click G+ to login with your Google Apps user name and password).

... Connect to the Wireless Network?

Wireless encryption provides a high level of assurance that only authorized users can access the network.   This will allow us to ensure the security of our data as we use the wireless network on campus.  We are phasing out the un-encrypted wireless SSIDs and encourage you to start using the new secure SSIDs right away. 

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... Buy Hardware or Software on Campus?

Vassar's Computer Store carries an array of software, peripherals, electronics, and accessories.  The Store is located in College Center, opposite the Kiosk.

Fax: 845-437-7251

Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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... Get My Computer Repaired?

Vassar's Computer Store employs a computer technician who can repair your Mac, including service covered by AppleCare plans.  Some PC repairs can be done here on campus for a fee.  Macs not covered by warranty and PC* repair fees will be charged to your department.

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* If you are having a hardware issue and you have a PC, please contact your vendor or another authorized computer repair shop.

... Change My Password?

You may reset your password yourself by visiting Control Panel and filling in the appropriate information.  This service will reset passwords for the following accounts:

  • Email
  • Blackboard
  • Domain
  • Citrix
  • VSpace

If you do not know your previous login name or password, or you require a password reset for a service not mentioned here, please contact the Service Desk at or extension 7224.

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... Get the Latest Anti-Virus Software?

We have anti-virus software available for both Mac OS and Windows computers. 

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...Make Calls From My Room?

Every floor of each residence hall is equipped with at least one hallway phone for free on-campus and local calls. In-room telephone service is no longer provided.  Pre-paid calling cards may be purchased, for long-distance calls, at the Vassar College Bookstore.

Dial-tones will still be available in the all apartment housing.  Students must provide their own phone.  Local calls are free.  Long-distance calls require a calling card.

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... Back-Up My Computer?

Experienced computer users know that there are two types of people: those who have already lost data and those who are going to experience the pain of losing data in the future.  Find out more about keeping your data safe.

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