Your Phone

If you are an employee of Vassar College, you have a telephone sitting next to your computer. If there's a problem with it, please contact the help desk at or 437-7224 (x7224 from a campus phone).

New Voice Mailbox

If your extension does not have a mailbox, call the help desk at or 437-7224 (x7224 from a campus phone) and request a voice mailbox on your extension. (Please allow 2 days).

To access your voicemail, press the envelope button on your phone, or dial x4800 and then enter your PIN. Your initial voicemail PIN is 12345. Make sure to enter “#” after entering your code and follow the prompts to setup your voicemail box.

From off-campus, dial the main campus number 845-437-7000, and when prompted, say “voicemail”. When prompted for your “ID”, enter your extension followed by “#”, and then your PIN, also followed by “#”

Dial "2" To Access An Outside Line

We have changed from the previous standard of using "9" to access an outside line to “2” in order to prevent mis-dialed 911 calls. Please note that on campus you are not required to dial "2" to reach "911" from any campus phone. "9-1-1" and "2-9-1-1" will both work.