Telecommunications Guide for Students

Dormitory Telephone Service

Every floor of each residence hall is equipped with at least one hallway phone for free on-campus and local calls. In-room telephone service is no longer provided.  Pre-paid calling cards may be purchased, for long-distance calls, at the Vassar College Bookstore.

Apartment style housing has one operational phone per unit, in the kitchen or common area.  This phone can be used for on-campus and local calls.

Dialing Instructions

Dial the 4 digit extension

On-campus Directory
Dial 0 to reach on-campus directory.  Say the name or department you would like to reach.

Off-campus Local Calls
Dial 2 + 7 digits.

Long Distance Calls
Calling Card Required.

Directory Assistance
Dial 2 + 555-1212
Calling Card Required.

International Calls
Calling Card Required.

Calling Cards
Dial 2 + 1 + toll free number.