Technology Learning Resources

Tech Support and Self-paced Learning

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Free to Vassar students, faculty, and staff, the learning library is filled with self-paced training videos in a wide variety of software and technology topics.  Learn more about Lynda at Vassar.

Find Out How For Mac 

Tips and tricks from Apple to help you use your Mac to its fullest potential.  Optimize your energy-saving settings, keep your system clean and uncluttered, and learn shortcuts to work more efficiently.

Apple Business Theatre
Ever wonder how to maximize the potential of your iPhone at work?   Watch Apple's videos on topics from remote controlling your presentation to sharing documents.  Many of these tips are applicable to iPads and iPod Touches as well.
iPhone User Guide and iPhone Support

PDF version of the iPhone User Guide and page of support resources for iPhone.

Microsoft Office Online Training

FAQs, how-tos, demonstration videos, and self-paced lessons for PC users of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office for Macs Courses and Videos

Self-paced courses and training videos for all Microsoft Office products on Macs.

FileMaker Web Seminars and Video Tutorials

Free Filemaker training resources. Paid training is also available.