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Launch of Single Sign-On

As you know, the network issues two weeks ago delayed the launch of Single Sign-On. Though these issues were completely unrelated, we chose to delay the launch of SSO to enable our teams to focus on the network issues.  The connectivity issues have since been resolved and we have rescheduled our launch of SSO for Friday, February 19th between 6AM and 7:30AM.

Learn more about the goals and frequently asked questions surrounding SSO and the IAM project.

During the transition period login to the following systems will be unavailable for periods as the change completes:

Following a reminder of what will change after the work is complete.

What you can expect after Friday morning:

Different Login Screen:

You will see a new IAM login screen for many campus resources but you will simply provide your Vassar username and password to be directed to your destination. For Google Apps you will see the Google login screen where you will enter your full email address after which you see the new IAM login screen.

Where you currently see the login shown on the left, you will see the login on the right.

Single Sign-On:

As part of our larger Information Security program, Vassar will join a rapidly growing community of institutions and organizations who have simplified the use of designated web applications using an approach known as Single Sign-On. When you log in using iam.vassar.edu, your login will act as the “key” to an array of other web resources, if you have active accounts for the resources with single sign-on.

As always, it’s important to remember to logout and properly quit your browser on public or shared computers by choosing EXIT or QUIT from the browser menu.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

With the launch of IAM and single sign-on, users with Google two-step verification enabled will find it is no longer available. We encourage everyone to consider using our new multi-factor authentication via Duo Security. This is easily enabled at iam.vassar.edu by following these simple instructions.

Multiple @vassar.edu Google Accounts:

With the introduction of Single Sign-On, you will automatically be logged into your @vassar.edu Google Account if you've logged into any other SSO resources. This can be challenging if you manage multiple @vassar.edu Google Accounts as the browser session will only let you log into one @vassar.edu Google account at a time. You can manage logging into these accounts using multiple browsers or multiple private or incognito browser windows. Click here for more information.

Learn more about the goals and frequently asked questions surrounding SSO and the IAM project.

If you have questions or experience any issues after 7:30 AM you may contact the CIS Service Desk at servicedesk@vassar.edu, make a request or call 845-437-7224 (x7224 from a campus phone) during normal business hours.

Thank you,

Vassar Computing and Information Services