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New Website, Service Catalog and Solutions!

Vassar Computing and Information Services welcomes you to our new website! CIS’s website at computing.vassar.edu has joined the ranks of other Vassar College website moving to unified look and feel. As part of this transition, we’ve further incorporated our Service Desk Online. Our online service desk presence allows us to provide better service, more efficient communication and more effectively routing of your requests. We invite you to take a quick tour of our new site and how it ties into our online Service Desk.


Launch of Single Sign-On

As you know, the network issues two weeks ago delayed the launch of Single Sign-On. Though these issues were completely unrelated, we chose to delay the launch of SSO to enable our teams to focus on the network issues. The connectivity issues have since been resolved and we have rescheduled our launch of SSO for Friday, February 19th between 6AM and 7:30AM. Learn more about the goals and frequently asked questions surrounding SSO and the IAM project.


IAM Work Complete; Launch of Single Sign-On

Thank you all for your patience as we spent the last two weeks resolving the remaining issues with the new Identity and Access Management system. Password management, account provisioning and resource requests have been live and working since the January 13th launch and Single Sign-On will be enabled on Friday, February 5th between 4:30AM and 7:30AM. During this transition period login to the following systems will be unavailable for periods as the change completes: Google Apps Moodle Banner Online Control Panel Service Desk Online Vassar Central Authentication Service (CAS)


Do Not Upgrade To Windows 10

This is a reminder that you should never upgrade your Vassar-owned computer's operating system on your own. It has been tested and is not ready for use with our image. If you have a business or academic need to upgrade your Vassar-owned computer, please schedule a consultation. We know that Windows 10 causes issues with Vassar VPN so you may not want to upgrade your personal computer either if you use VPN from home to connect to Vassar systems.

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