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Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity & Access Management (IAM) will affect everyone in our community from students to faculty to staff to administrators to visitors.

Simply put, IAM answers the question “WHO gets WHAT, WHEN?” That’s an easy way to understand the concept but the many workflows that drive the technology are more complex.

Think about your role at the college and everything involved in your work. If you are an employee, you have access to certain systems, buildings and information. That subset of access is different from that of a student or even an employee in a different department. That access changes as your role changes. You may move to a different department. Or maybe you are a student who graduates and gets a job at Vassar College. Or you might be an employee who is also enrolled as a student. Or a faculty member who works in two departments.

As these paths begin to cross, the identities become more and more complex and difficult to manage. An individual also has different sets of credentials for many of these types of access.

This is where an IAM solution becomes essential!

Members of the Vassar Community can learn more at the IAM information website.



Vassar College has partnered with Meteorix to embark upon an implementation of Workday, an enterprise level ERP system that will replace Banner in the coming years.

The goal of the Workday implementation at Vassar is to update human resources and financial business processes by standardizing on best practices. A stated goal is to provide a system that is accurate, meaningful, easy to use and reliable.

This project will be a massive effort, involving team members from across the college including, but not limited to, CIS, Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Dean of Faculty, Student Employment. 



With hundreds of thousands of wireless access-points sharing a common SSID, eduroam acts as one large, world-wide, wireless hotspot.

Eduroam facilitates travelers from academic institutions by allowing them to gain network access with minimal configuration and no need for the visited institution to grant them the access explicitly.  This benefits visiting faculty, academics traveling for conferences and collaborative work, study abroad students, visitors attending NCAA activities, and even regional academic exchange. Learn more about eduroam and where you will be able to access.



InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States. InCommon's identity management federation serves 9 million end-users (IPEDS data; October 2014). InCommon also operates a related assurance program, and offers certificate and multifactor authentication services.