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Office of the VP

Name Title Phone Office
Carlos Garcia Vice President for Technology and Human Resources; Chief Information Officer 845-437-7248 Computer Center
Jerome C. Bailie Information Security Systems Administrator 845-437-5990 Computer Center
Frank M. Jelenko Senior Project Manager and Head, Project Management Office 845-437-7288 Computer Center
Erin McHugh Program Administrator 845-437-5352 Computer Center
David Osburn Assistant Director, Communications and Mobile Strategy 845-437-7317 Computer Center
Jean Tagliamonte Assistant Vice President, Planning and Engagement 845-437-7743 Computer Center
Heather Waterman Associate Director, Business Services 845-437-7018

Academic Computing Services (ACS)

Name Title Phone Office
Karly Andreassen Academic Computing Consultant for the Sciences 845-437-7866
Baynard Bailey Senior Academic Computing Consultant 845-437-7481 Blodgett Hall
Chad E. Fust Emerging Technologies Specialist 845-437-7545 Computer Center
Amy Laughlin Senior Academic Computing Consultant 845-437-5829 Taylor Hall
Steven Taylor Director of Academic Computing Services 845-437-7476 Computer Center

Business Applications

Name Title Phone Office
Kim Collier Director of Business Applications 845-437-5340 Computer Center
John Del Bene Workday Product Manager 845-437-7641 Computer Center
Alicia Harklerode Senior Product Manager 845-437-7227 Computer Center
Kristin M. Hodor Workday System Analyst 845-437-5891 Computer Center
Jordan Thomas Business Applications Analyst 845-437-7226 Computer Center

Enterprise Systems

Name Title Phone Office
Kristopher Hahn Business Integrations Analyst 845-437-7813 Computer Center
Gary A. Manning Director, Application Services 845-437-5956 Computer Center
Laura McGowan Associate Director, Application Services 845-437-5916 Computer Center
Don McNeil Senior Business Integrations Analyst 845-437-5939 Computer Center
Mark J. Romanovsky Data Systems Architect 845-437-7719 Computer Center

User Services & Operations

Name Title Phone Office
John M. Collier Associate CIO, Operations and User Services 845-437-5924 Computer Center
David Blahut Associate Director of Networks and Telecom 845-437-7905 Computer Center
Angelita D. Castro Card Office Coordinator 845-437-5838 Computer Center
Brian D. Chickery Service Desk Supervisor 845-437-7893 Computer Center
Peter Conklin Media Coordinator 845-437-7478 College Center
Brandon W. Deichler Media Coordinator 845-437-7477 College Center
Greg D. Deichler Client Platforms Engineer 845-437-7961 Computer Center
Lee F. Dinnebeil User Services Consultant 845-437-7896 Computer Center
Matthew F. Duncan IT Coordinator 845-437-7869 College Center
Tami L. Emerson Assistant Director of User Services 845-437-7622 Computer Center
Brendan G. Flanagan Infrastructure Architect 845-437-7759 Computer Center
Timothy A. Guarino IT Specialist 845-437-7897 Computer Center
Michael Mandato User Services Consultant 845-437-7121 Computer Center
Martin B. Mortensen Systems Administrator NS 845-437-5920 Computer Center
Gordon J. McClelland User Services Consultant 845-437-7864 Frederick F. Thompson Library
Colin Mealia Media Coordinator 845-437-7197 College Center
Nancy Myers Associate Director of User Services 845-437-5927 Computer Center
Mark O'Neal Senior Systems Administrator 845-437-7571 Computer Center
Jean Y. Ross Assistant Director, User Services 845-437-7716 Computer Center
David Rosenberger IT Coordinator 845-437-7892 Main Building
Cristina I. Sanfuentes Card Office Coordinator 845-437-5836 Computer Center
John Yzaguirre IT Coordinator 845-437-5434 Main Building